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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Edward Winterhalder Now Represented By Frank Weimann and The Literary Group International

We are pleased to announce that Frank Weimann from The Literary Group International is now Edward Winterhalder's literary, television and film agent, effective October 31, 2007; Frank can be contacted at 212-274-1616.

Steve Lassiter from APA-Nashville remains Winterhalder's agent for personal appearances; Steve can be contacted at 615-297-0100.

Edward is the author of "Out In Bad Standings: Inside The Bandidos Motorcycle Club - The Making Of A Worldwide Dynasty" (Nov 2005); a contributing author to "The Mammoth Book Of Bikers" (Oct 2007); the co-author with Wil DeClercq of "The Assimilation: Rock Machine To Bandidos - Bikers United Against The Hells Angels" (Jun 2008); the co-author with Dr. Arthur Veno and Dr. Julie van den Eynde of "Women Bikers and Biker's Women"; and the co-author with James Richard Larson of two novels, "The Mirror" and "A Biker's Story".

Founded in 1986 by Frank Weimann, The Literary Group International is one of the premier literary agencies in the book publishing industry. The company represents more than 200 authors worldwide. Its formidable client list ranges from novelists, celebrities and public figures, to Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning authors.

Known as the "home of bestselling authors," the agency has represented more than fifty bestsellers during the last six years. Among the agency's current popular titles are "The Alchemyst" by Michael Scott; "It's Not About the Truth" by Mike Pressler with Don Yaeger; "The Far Reaches" by Homer Hickam; "Flags of Our Fathers" by James Bradley; and "Dog and Bear" By Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

In addition to its growing list of achievements in the United States, LGI has successfully placed a diverse spectrum of titles in the international market. The company also handles film, audio, and magazine rights both domestically and abroad.

In addition to his literary endaevors, Winterhalder is also the Executive Producer of a DVD/TV documentary reality series about motorcycle clubs called "Living on the Edge", that will be distributed worldwide. The first episode, "Living on the Edge: Riding with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania", focuses on the positive aspects of club life, through the member's lives, families, jobs and communities that they live in.

For more information about books written by Edward Winterhalder, please click on the following link: Winterhalder Books

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Limited Edition, Demo DVD of the Pilot for "Living on the Edge" Now Available at

A limited edition, demo DVD of the pilot for the documentary reality series “Living on the Edge” is now available at and/or

“Living on the Edge: Riding with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania” is a biker orientated, Harley-themed show that focuses on the positive aspects of motorcycle club life, through the lives, families, communities and jobs of club members.

As you ride along with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club and their guest, corporate executive Mike Crowe, the bikers host a picnic for returning Iraqi and Afghani war veterans and visit a local Harley dealer to attend a book signing.

To purchase this DVD, click on the following link:

Purchase “Living on the Edge” DVD

To view a 6 minute preview trailer for this DVD, click on the following link:

Watch Preview Trailer

Enjoy the ride…