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Sunday, February 24, 2019

30th Anniversary Reissue Of Warren Winters Band "Crossbar Hotel" Vinyl LP Record

We are pleased to announce that the 30th anniversary reissue of the Warren Winters Band "Crossbar Hotel" vinyl LP record will be released by Sophomore Lounge Records on April 5th, 2019.

Under the pseudonym of Warren Winters, Edward Winterhalder formed the Warren Winters Band in the 1980s after fronting the Connecticut Dust Band during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Playing guitar and singing lead vocals, he utilized a group of studio musicians and his childhood friend Kurt Newman (drums) to record the "As I Was" debut album in 1984 on the Shovster Records label. In 1988, the "Crossbar Hotel" album was recorded at Grace Recording Studios in Connecticut with Warren Winters (guitar & lead vocals), Andy Rutman (guitar), Kurt Newman (drums), Lou Sabetta (keyboards) and Mario Figueroa (bass). On both albums, the song writing credits noted that all songs were written by Edward Winterhalder.

In 1995, "The Best Of Warren Winters" CD was mastered and produced by Chris Westerman of Blackwater Sound in New Hampshire. Along with hit songs from the "As I Was" and "Crossbar Hotel" albums, the compilation featured a few songs from his Connecticut Dust Band days and some unreleased tracks from studio sessions. While the music of the Warren Winters Band was once described as being somewhere between rock n' roll and progressive country, a 2011 article in France compared the Warren Winters Band sound to Acey Stone, Circuit Rider and Justen O'Brien.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

DailyMotion Channel Playlists

For those of you who miss Edward Winterhalder's YouTube channel, the 25+ hours of content that was there can now be found on his DailyMotion channel, where you can view more than 165+ TV clips, movie clips, TV news clips, movies, and videos about motorcycle clubs, outlaw bikers, and the biker culture from 1940 to 2019: