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Winterhalder Books Available At Amazon

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Entertainment For Bikers Now Available - Demo DVD & 3 Books

Happy New Year everyone!

A demo DVD for our documentary reality series and three of Edward Winterhalder's books are now available at, in case a trip to your local store is out of your way:

"Living on the Edge: Riding with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania"

"Out In Bad Standings: Inside The Bandidos Motorcycle Club - The Making Of A Worldwide Dynasty" (Blockhead City Press/Seven Locks Press - Santa Ana, CA - November 2005)

"The Mammoth Book Of Bikers" (Constable & Robinson - London, England - October 2007)

"The Assimilation: Rock Machine To Bandidos - Bikers United Against The Hells Angels" (ECW Press - Toronto, Canada - June 2008)

For more information please click on the following link: Winterhalder Books

Frank Weimann from The Literary Group International is Edward Winterhalder's literary, television, and film agent; Frank can be contacted at 212-274-1616.

Steve Lassiter from APA-Nashville is Edward Winterhalder's personal appearance agent; Steve can be contacted at 615-297-0100.