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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Author/TV Biker Celebrity Available For Personal Appearances

A Press Release from May 15, 2007:

Edward Winterhalder, author of the current best selling biker book "Out In Bad Standings" (distributed by American Publisher Seven Locks Press and published by Blockhead City Press) and co-executive producer of a new nonfiction TV reality series about motorcycle clubs called "Living On The Edge," is now represented by APA, which is one of the largest and oldest talent agencies in the country.

During your event, Winterhalder is available to mingle with your guests, take part in organized rides, do book signings, hang out at evening socials, do event hosting or whatever else you may have in mind. Steve Lassiter (known for his association with other high profile Harley loving celebrities like Travis Tritt & Billy Ray Cyrus, and an avid Harley rider himself) will be the agent to contact concerning Winterhalder's personal appearances; Steve can be reached at 615-297-0100 or

Winterhalder, who was a Bandidos Motorcycle Club high-ranking world leader until his departure from the club in late 2003, is now a leading authority on motorcycle clubs. The patchover of Canada's Rock Machine into the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which was overseen by Winterhalder, is a critical part of a new book that will be released this fall by London book publisher Constable & Robinson, titled "The Mammoth Book of Bikers", which is edited by famed Australian motorcycle club authority Dr. Arthur Veno.

Winterhalder is also the co-author of a new book on motorcycle clubs titled "The Assimilation," which is scheduled for release by Canadian Publisher ECW Press in the spring of 2008, and the co-author of an academic book about the psychology, criminology and sociology aspects of motorcycle gang members for students and faculty of the college world, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2008.

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