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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Self-Publishing Dreams Can Come True: Gang Book Sales On Fire

A Press Release from May 1, 2006:

It is not often that a self-published hardcover book sells a thousand copies, but a small press in Owasso, OK has done just that and more in less than six months.

Blockhead City Press today announced that their first title, “OUT IN BAD STANDINGS: Inside the Bandidos Motorcycle Club – The Making of a Worldwide Dynasty”, was recently ranked at # 41 on the Barnes & Noble bookstore’s website, indicating that the book was one of their best selling titles this month. Since its’ release in November 2005, “Out In Bad Standings” has now sold more than five thousand copies, to book readers in almost every country in the World.

When ex-motorcycle gang leader Edward Winterhalder set out to find a publisher for his memoirs, he thought that locating a literary agent and book publisher for his project would be a simple task. After all, it wasn’t as though hundreds of books had already been written on the subject. On the contrary, this was a subject on which less than twenty-five books had ever been written, and of those twenty-five books, most all of had been written by an outsider or journalist.

However, as many writers realize, finding a literary agent and/or publisher willing to work with a novice author is a daunting task. Failing in his quest to find an agent or publisher, but not willing to give up, Mr. Winterhalder established Blockhead City Press to facilitate his dream becoming reality. The result was a top quality, four hundred forty-eight page hardcover book that contains more than one hundred seventy thousand words and one hundred color photographs.

Detailing the establishment and growth of a motorcycle gang organization in Canada, Europe and Oklahoma, this expose of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is arguably the finest history book ever written on the subject of the United States motorcycle gangs. A perfect compliment for the history section of any library worldwide, “OUT IN BAD STANDINGS” gives the reader a rare look into the world of today’s 1%er motorcycle clubs.

“OUT IN BAD STANDINGS” ($29.95 – ISBN 0977174700) is now available at all Barnes & Noble bookstores (United States), all B Dalton bookstores (United States), (worldwide), (worldwide), all Chapters bookstores (Canada) and all Coles bookstores (Canada).

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